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tagged by :iconjlucydaisuke: Thanks friend

1. What's your favorite holiday?
        I really like Chinese New Year because it's all about good food, spending time with family, shopping, and festivities. I'm also really fond of Christmas for the same reason + Christmas spirit. 

2. Who was your first best friend, and what did you guys do together?
My first best friend was a Korean girl whose name I have forgotten. The same. We made up dances together, played make-believe together, celebrated her birthday. Lots of things. 

3. Your favorite word (or swear word).

4. What fictional character do you find yourself identifying with the most, currently?
Right now? Shinji Ikari

5. The song you're listening to the most, right now?
Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips

6. What's one item you've been looking for, for a collection or something, but you've STILL yet to find it?
The perfect size felt tip blackest black liquid eyelinder. 

7. What are some things to do when you find yourself bored?
Sleep. Read. Think. Tumblr. Read. 

8. If you had one bit of advice for someone younger, what would it be?
Prepare for college starting in middle school. Don't slack off. Find research experience and internship early on. Read a lot. Think a lot. Find friends and be loyal. Try to be as selfless as possible without interfering with your own health. 

9. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
I try not to watch scary movies, but probably Sunshine. 

10. Are you named after anybody?
Helen Keller, who every knows as the deaf-mute girl who learned to read, write, speak and excel beyond anyone's dream with help from her cool teacher Anne Sullivan. Helen Keller, who was also a radical socialist because of her experiences. I hope it is inevitable that I follow her footsteps one way or another.


My Questions:
1) How is your family?
2) Your favorite time of day?
3) Your favorite book?
4) What makes you happiest?
5) Have you ever seen a fox?
6) Do you need cash/are you broke?
7) Do you feel you have the power to do anything?
8) Green or white?
9) Your style of speaking, describe it.
10) Imagine yourself on Mars. Write a paragraph explaining your perception of space and the world. 

tagging: your hearts 
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happy brithday on Oct-17th,and sorry for late...
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your a huge otaku
i'm a HUGE otaku
great minds think alike!
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